Customer Stories

January 24, 2007

April 2, 2005

I have been using Hurricane crutches since mid-1999. I use them to go everywhere - church, work, grocery store, to the beach, you name it - even to my own wedding! After Cal proposed to me and I said "Yes!", one of my first phone calls was to Christian Roux to ask him to make me a pair of white crutches to match my wedding gown. He did, and they came out great!
I work with a bunch of engineers, and occasionally one of them notices that the crutches I use are not ordinary crutches. I point out the features that set them apart from the others: the square aluminum tubing, which makes them light-weight yet strong; the rotating cuffs that allow me to maintain control of the crutches while using my hands freely; the tips that help me negotiate all sorts of surfaces and obstacles - hills, stairs, ice, wet tile floors, etc.; the grips that are comfortable and conform to my hand; and the tool used to adjust them that is stored in the handle! It's evident that they were designed by a user, because the thought and engineering that has gone into them is unmatched by any other crutch.
Thank you, Christian Roux! You have definitely made my life easier!!!

Mrs. Karen Metz
Wife of Calvin Metz, Mechanical Engineer, and User of Hurricane Crutches

April 3, 2004

Thank you very much for the overnight shipping for my order. I received my order 15 1/2 hours after I placed it with you 4 months ago and haven't looked back since. 

I broke my left femur in October 2001 due to osteo-necrosis. It was repaired with rods, pins & screws. Due to the non-healing fracture site, I underwent femur transplant surgery in September 2002 along with a fibula harvested to the fracture site as well. I have been on crutches almost 3 years and cannot walk without them due to only being able to put 20lbs of weight on this leg. I am 6' 1" and weigh almost 300 lbs. I have gone thru at least 7 pair of supposedly industrial strength hospital type crutches. They have bent, broke and I've replaced at least 10 pairs of tips. These are horrible pieces of equipment for everyday use.

Your product is absolutely the best crutches I've ever owned. I cannot believe the ease in which it is to move around. You cannot make these crutches slip. The tips are so well thought out in their design. They are awesome. You can no longer hear me coming down the hallway. There is zero noise from the crutches will all my weight on them. I walk so much more upright. My wife says I looked like I was in so much pain before when I used my old crutches. I don't want to show off too much improvement, she may put me back to my old chores.

Thank you again for your courteous and professional service and for sending me a fantastic product that I will use exclusively and recommend to anyone who is tired of being on out dated crutches that are ill equipped for their sole designed purpose. This is a revolutionary product and I'm so glad I found you. I feel that I'm am no longer disabled but I just needed a great pair of crutches to help get me around.

Brett Angel

January 23, 2000

My purchase of Hurri-Cane/Crutches has been a very pleasant experience. The ergonomic design that allows for minute adjustments for my body, minimizes or eliminates the strain of walking with paraplegia. The lightness of the Hurri-Cane/Crutch makes it very easy for me to use for long periods of time.

Of special note are the Hurri-Cane/Crutch tips that conform to a horizontal surface allowing for 100% contact with the ground, giving me greater stability. Crutch or cane tips usually need replacement every year. The crutch tips on my Hurri-Cane/Crutches lasted two years before they were replaced. The wear was minimal because the crutches allowed me to walk in a more upright position.

I have even devised a way to transport my crutches on the seat arms of my cart/scooter.  I have and will continue to recommend the Hurri-Cane/Crutch to anyone that I meet with paraplegia. The Hurri-Cane/Crutch is an outstandingly thoughtful design. Thank you.


Ellen M. Enloe

September 22, 1998

Approximately eight months ago, I was given the opportunity to try the Hurri-Cane/Crutch from Christian and Marilyn Roux. I previously used Loft-Strand style crutches for long distance walking due to polio condition with paralysis with my left lower extremity.

I am happy to report that the Hurri-Cane/Crutch has been very beneficial in providing the necessary stability. They are lightweight and extremely quiet. This is important to those of us who are concerned about professional appearance. Minor changes have been made to the Hurri-Cane/Crutch to make it more efficient and adaptable to the environments we deal with on a day to day basis.
My understanding is that they are available in different colors and are extremely durable. I demand a lot of support from crutches when I use them and the Hurri-Cane/Crutch has held up very well. Even the material from which the crutch tips are made is extremely long lasting. The hand grips can be rotated and adjusted to make the grip support anatomically acceptable and eliminates the stress of wrist extension, which leads to carpal tunnel problems. The crutch can be quickly altered to a cane with very little effort.  I appreciate the opportunity of using this new design in external support and have benefited from using the Hurri-Cane/Crutch. I would like to thank Christian and Marilyn Roux for this opportunity and appreciate their efforts and interests in helping the physically challenged.


Mark K. Taylor, MLS, CPO
Director of Clinical & Technical Services

August 28, 1998

Thank you so, much for your personal service with Katie's crutches. We enjoyed meeting you and appreciate your enthusiasm in your product. The enclosed copy of Dr Weinblatt's Rx for you. I hand wrote a short note to M-Care suggesting they consider your Hurri-Cane/Crutch as an option for M-Care (Medigroup) patients. I included a brochure and pointed out a couple features and their benefits to Katie.

Thank you so much.

Nancy Zajbe

July 21, 1998

I have been using your Hurri-Cane Crutches for the last two weeks and I cannot tell you how much easier it has been to get around. I have been using a regular cane for the last three years and your Hurri-Cane (Crutch) sure is a great help. I don't have to look for a place to set my cane, I just let it hang on my arm. I have lost a couple of canes in the super market parking lot, and know I don't have to worry about losing my cane anymore.

Sincerely yours,

William Vermeylen

March 18, 1998

"We’re all all intrigued by some of the interesting design components. It has credibility and should be pursued"

- James Leonard, Chairman of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Michigan Medical

February 8, 1998

Jon Wardner, who heads up physical medicine and rehabilitation at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, also is impressed with the device. "The grip conforms to the shape of the human hand, as opposed to many traditionally shaped canes, in which the hand must conform to the shape of the cane,"he said.

- Jon Wardner, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

February 8, 1998

Tom Dobson, an Ann Arbor resident with multiple sclerosis, has been using a Hurri-Cane/Crutch™ for more than a year. "It’s a fantastic innovation," he said. "The tip stays flat on the ground. That gives you so much security and makes you feel less tentative. It allows you to be more able-bodied.

When you go to a counter at a restaurant to pay your bill, you can just let go of it," Dobson said. "You don’t have to set it on the wall, where it usually falls down."

"For the last 15 years we have used the ‘Roux-Crutches’ in our Hospital especially in the Physical-Therapeutic Department. We are really pleased with it and with this reference. We hope we can help you with your work in the future."

– Jaclyn Cernier Team Leader, Physiotherapy Rennbahn.

"I have evaluated the Hurri-Cane/Crutch™ and have used it on different patients and have found it to have the following positives over the existing forearm crutches and canes used; [Patients like] strength, ergonomics of grip, two products in one unit, likes positioning of wrist, ease of adjustment and adaptability, understands and likes re-centering of crutch."

– Ahmed Khan R.P.T, Sterling Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, P.C.

(No date)

I am writing you to comment on my use of the Hurri-Cane. I have found the cane to be much more stable than a regular cane. Having two canes, I particularly notice the difference after switching from the Hurri-cane to my original cane. I particularly like using the Hurri-cane outside where the surfaces are much less stable than around the house. . . I have also enjoyed using the upper crutch portion to take some of the pressure off of the muscles in my lower arm. The grip has also relieved some of the numbness I have experienced in my last two fingers of my right hand. I feel you have a very good product and wish you continued success.


Barbara Bradengle

(No Date)

Thank you so very much

The color is great and I love the crutches. I will give my Neurologist the information I got off your website for other patients. Your product is too, good not to let others know about it. Especially if they do not have a computer.