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The Hurri-cane/Crutch TM

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Left Crutch

$119.00 + $9.00 S&H

Right Crutch

$119.00 + $9.00 S&H


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New 2007

Click here for Americane TM.
  • Converts from a Crutch to a Cane.

  • Each Crutch weighs 27 ounces!

  • Each cane weighs 22 ounces!

  • Aluminum Frame Square design provides maximum strength. Material that is durable, rust-proof and reliable for years to come. Adjustable Half-inch height adjustments, from 4 foot 2 inch up to 6 foot 6 inch. Made to fit people of many sizes. (Pediatric size available).

  • Comes in five different colors: Red, Black, Purple, Blue, and Silver. Two tone available on request.

  • Re-Addresses the way a walking aid should function.

  • The Hurri-cane/Crutch TM is very strong. Over 500 lbs. handle pressure.

  • Works the muscles and tendons to provide upper body strength.

  • Transfers the center of gravity to the highest base of stability.

  • The flexible grip-tip provides an added measure of balance to regain control.

  • The ergonomic switch grip is designed for comfort and tilted downwards to help prevent inflammation of the tendons.

  • The adjustability of the product replaces S-M-L inventory.

  • Life Time warranty excluding non-durable components.