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New 2007 AMERICANE ™ $89.99

  • Recommended for Seniors and walking-aid-dependent-persons
  • The AMERICANE is the only ergonomically correct cane
  • Absolute strength and ultra light
  • Provides hand and wrist comfort
  • Gives you more stability, with the ergonomic SWITCH GRIP ™
  • Height adjustment, S-M and TALL
  • Ultra Tip makes 100% contact with the ground
  • Can be upgraded to a forearm Crutch to Hurri/Cane-Crutch ™

Standard Colors (No extra cost)

Customer specified colors: $49.00 extra
(Please provide sample color and please allow 2 additional weeks for delivery.)


ULTRATIP ™ $9.90 each
SWITCH GRIP ™$12.50 each
Wrist band$7.90 each
Hurri/Cane-Crutch upper
part attachment upgrade
$59.50 each
Cane Holder$8.50 each