•  Industrial designer by trade
    •  From Switzerland, injured in 1969, which inspired him to invent a better crutch
    •  1975 & 1993 won gold medal at International Inventors Convention in Geneva, Switzerland
    •  Continues designing new features and equipment for the medical industry

Marilyn Roux, C.E.O., Christian Roux, Ltd., originally from Ann Arbor attended Eastern Michigan University, she left town at age 21 to pursue a musical career in Florida. Her endeavors eventually took her to Switzerland, where she met Christian Roux. The couple lived in Switzerland until her mother became ill. In 1995, they moved to Ann Arbor to be closer to her.

Marilyn Roux’s mother became one of the inspirations for the Hurri-Cane/Crutch™. A diabetic, she had two legs amputated, and she needed a way to get around. Christian Roux set out to make a crutch with some improvements over his Swiss model.

Christian Roux created his first Crutch model in 1969, after being a Crutch-user himself for more than a year. He had "first hand" experience with the needs of a Walking-Aid dependent person.

He worked with the University of Bern (Rehabilitation Workgroup) testing his Crutches on many people with different disabilities and illnesses.

In 1975 at the International Inventors Convention in Geneva, he received a gold medal in the medical section, in 1993 he won a second award for the new concept and design. He has worked for over 25 years with people that have chronic disabling conditions, inventing better ways to make their lives easier. After moving to America with his family, he has made his " Best-ever " multi-functional Ambulatory Aid and he has received the U.S. Patent Status award for this new model, the Hurri-Cane / Crutch.

U.S. Patent No. 5,711,334




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